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The wait is over now…

the wait is over

With the update of the Everest Backup Plugin to 1.0.9, a very useful feature is added to it. A few days ago, we announced a new and useful feature we are working on it. Now it’s live and you can see it. If you don’t know what announcement and when then you must have missed our announcement a few days ago. No worries just go to the link below and you will know.

Great News – Free testing of Plugin without installing it on your website

I assume that you go through the above blog so you know what’s new. So Let’s discuss what is it exactly and how it works.

What actually is this feature?

It’s a live demo tester. When you go to and search for a backup plugin especially Everest Backup Plugin and go to its link ( then with the description you will find something new. And that new is our latest and for you very useful feature.

With this feature, you no need to worry about installation for a trial and worry if the plugin brings a virus to your website. Without installing Everest Backup Plugin on your website you can test the plugin and if you think it’s the plugin you are looking for then get one for your website.

How does it wok?

It is simply a demo that lasts long for 2 hours and when you go to and search for Everest Backup Plugin and go into the Everest Backup Plugin page. Now you will see something new than before if you have visited this page before. Before there was no Give it a try section and now you can see it.

You click on the link “Give it a try” then it will take you to the WordPress template where we have already installed our GuCherry Blog theme. There you will see a clock on the top which will indicate how much time is left. And others are the same as your WordPress website dashboard. In addition, we have already installed Everest Backup Plugin in the template. So you can just do simple changes or if you don’t want to do it’s okay. Try out the features of the Everest Backup.

You can take backup both manually or automatically and store it in your Local Web Server. If you want to store your backups then you need to install a plugin on your website then only you can do that. This is just a demo so we provide this (store in Local Web Server) only. We do have tutorial videos, blogs related to

You can go through the above link and know more about backup using Everest Backup Plugin.

Moving towards our next feature which is restoring. You can restore the backup files which are available in the system or you can upload the files to restore but the file must be in the required format. If you have backed up any files then that will be registered in the system and when you try to restore them in the available section of restore you will get the list of those backed up files. Furthermore, you can also backup from the history tab. In both the available restore and history tab, you will get the list of backed up files. To know more we have tutorials about these:

Another main feature of Everest Backup is Migration and Cloning which you will get in both free and premium versions. We know migrating website is a headache with lots of risks. So we try to make your life easy in this case. Our Everest Backup Plugin can migrate your website from one host to another or one website to another in simple few clicks. And create a clone of the website easily with the migration key generated while creating a file to migrate. To know more about migration and cloning with Everest Backup here are some blogs related to them:


Isn’t it a great thing that Everest Backup creates a test environment for us? Now you can test Everest Backup Plugin without any worries and get it. So why not try it?

Let’s give a try to Everest Backup Plugin.

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