Everest Backup Free Version

Everest Backup

Everest Backup is a modern tool that will take care of your website backups, restore, migrate, and clone. It is the fastest and easy-to-use cloud-based storage backup plugin. With the help of a Human readable log, you can easily understand what’s going on during your website backup process.

Everest Backup Google Drive

Everest Backup saves backups to Google Drive, which is a cloud storage service. One of Everest Backup’s most popular backup destinations is Google’s prominent online repository. Google Cloud Storage is also included in the premium edition.

Advantages of backing up your WordPress site via Google Drive

  • You can take advantage of an unpaid Google Drive repository with a current storage capacity of 15 GB.
  • All of your files, including the backup of your WordPress website, are always and everywhere accessible.
  • If additional storage is required, you can easily buy an extra Google Drive repository.

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