All About WP Everest Backup

100% Restore rate. Secure cloud backups, Inbuilt free Google Drive integration.

Don’t be fooled by our product’s release date. Yes, we recently launched it on WordPress dot org, even though we (EverestThemes) have been using it for quite some time.“Why are you launching it if you’re already using it?” you might query. “How come you didn’t do it sooner?”

Let’s talk about how it started?

It all started on this date. I got an email from one of my clients.
He was sharing his data fraud experience with me so that I could help him in any way. After that email, we (I and my team) discussed the problem and tried to get the solution.

We tried all measures to get those data, but we failed to do so. He didn’t blame us for our failure but was happy at least we tried. But I was in deep thought, Why didn’t I think about this problem? Because data fraud, hacking, server crashes are todays’ growing issues.

Then I started to mail my other clients and asked them, Were they facing any problem or not? If yes, then what sort of problems.

And then I got the real surprise. I got mail back from the clients and found that most of them have similar data fraud or hacking issues, but some were different problems – can’t clone or migrate the data, no multisite support, and others. Among all issues, there was one unique issue that we never thought of.

We take the job, do the job, and deliver the work. Simple. But we never thought our client rarely knew about the technical terms of the plugin. Since most of our clients are from different countries, we couldn’t manually go there and gave support. So their request was to make them a little bit easy to understand, automated, and get notified.


Keeping all these in our mind, we started to build our plugin to solve the problem. Our first motto was to backup the data, so we focused on that. Guess what? We found the solution and created our Everest Backup data plugin. The next step was not easy because we had to deal with lots of failures during creating features as our clients asked for.

One by one, we started to add features in the Everest Backup data plugin.

It took us some time to make a complete Backup Plugin with all these features, but at last, we did it. Not only that, but we added a unique feature Human readable log so that our client could easily understand what’s going on during the backup process.

Since it was a great hit among our clients, we decided to put our product on the market so that everyone, not only our client, can use our Everest Backup Plugin.

Everest Backup Plugin takes care of your site as a mother takes care of her child.

Everest Backup is a modern tool that will take care of your website’s backups, restoration, migration, and cloning. It is the fastest and easy-to-use cloud-based storage backup plugin. In a few clicks connect your Google Drive and Schedule your backup. Everest Backup has manual as well as automatic scheduled backup and pushes them to your Google Everest Backup is not only limited to backup and restoration. It is also the best WordPress website migration plugin. Website Migration is as simple as copy and paste. Generate and copy your migration key from the source website and paste this migration key on your destination website. In a single click, your migration of the site happens. Human readable logs are one of the distinctive features, no technical knowledge is needed to understand what’s going on during your website backup process. Get details of each backup in your email.

Manual and Automatic Backup

For automated backups, just choose a date and time, or manually generate a backup at any time with a simple click. Similarly, the backup data can be restored with a single click.

Backup on Google Drive

Google Drive and other cloud services can be used to securely store backups. The automatic restore plan is compatible with this feature.

Human Readable Logs

All of our logs are human-readable, which allows you to get the information happening on your backup files without the need for professional assistance.

Multisite Compatible

Backups, staging, and migration are all under one roof, with Client Reporting that is both elegant and comprehensive. Also, you may invite team members for efficient cooperation.

Migration and cloning

Run Everest Backup on both websites, then create and transfer a backup file from the first to the second. Use our “magic link” to make things easier.

Advanced Reporting

Notify you, when Everest Backup completes or requires attention, ensuring that you always have a current and complete backup of your website.

Our Values

We are EverestBackup. Our company is built on a foundation of passion. We are constantly progressing, developing, and upgrading.

Every day we make a difference for our customers and act as a reliable and powerful partner in web development. We value your time so we work hard to deliver you the best among the best.


We aim to work elegantly and effectively. And we provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.


The vast majority of our users have never expressed dissatisfaction with our services. However, if users have problems or inquiries, we pledge to give prompt assistance from our experienced software experts.


EverestBackup has pioneered unique features i.e. Human readable logs, no technical knowledge is needed to understand what’s going on during your website backup process.


We are truthful, open, ethical, and equitable. People believe in our ability to follow through on our promises.