Contacting Support

The purpose of our support is to help customers using EverestBackup.

Using Everest Backup plugin is simple and straight forward. Even though it’s easy and simple sometimes we may get into trouble and it can be frustrating. Therefore technical support is always needed and we are here to support and fix your problems.

But, for us to be able to help you efficiently, it is important that your email contains this:

  • Description of problem(s)
  • Screenshot of problem(s)
  • Your server information that can be found in Everest Backup Menu 👉 Settings 👉 Information Tab
  • Latest Log file (found in Everest Backup Menu 👉 logs)
    This way, we have all the needed information to understand your problem, without having to go back and forth first.

So put all that data in an email and send it to bug-report[at]

Beware: PRO version users have priority support, so if you are using the free version, we will help you as soon as possible.

If you have a bug report or a good idea for Everest Backup, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Support working hours:

Support is located in Nepal and is normally active during normal work hours (GMT+5:45) on Monday to Friday.

Known problems in current version

– No any known bug so far. Always keep updating to latest version.