Privacy Policy

What is the privacy policy for use of your Google Drive app?

The creators of Everest Themes have made this privacy policy. If you’re using our built-in authentication app, this solely applies to you. It does not apply if you configure Everest Backup to utilize your app because no data is sent to any of our servers in that scenario so no data-handling policy is required. It’s also worth considering Google’s terms and conditions which restrict the use of customer Google Drive accounts for industrial purposes.

As part of the verification process, using Everest Backup with Google Drive needs a visit to our authentication server. It’s vital to emphasize that no backup data or other information from your WordPress site is transferred to our servers; instead, everything stays on the server where WordPress is hosted. As a result, whenever the Google permission authorization box appears on your web server, it’s querying about the plugin’s capabilities.

The verification policy will cause:

  • As you visit our authentication server throughout the authentication procedure, our web server logs will record your IP address. This information is required to protect and operate our website, but it will not be processed or shared. These logs are kept for seven days before being automatically deleted.
  • For future requests, the authentication token for your Google Drive account may be retained in the authentication server’s database. The information will not be processed further or shared with any other parties.

While using Google Drive, no extra data is transferred or implicitly gathered by any of our systems. This page will be updated with any future changes to the privacy policy.