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Everest Backup Plugin Key Features

Do you have a WordPress Website? Everest Backup is for you.
//Core Feature:

The WordPress Backup Plugin That’s So Easy to Use

Is there anything worse than a total crash of your WordPress website? Yes, a total crash without a Backup!





Cloud Integration

Everest Backup takes care of each and every components of your website and essential Plugins and Themes

We have various options that can be included or excluded at the time of backup. We take care of all the Files and Folders available on your website. Never loose important files again.

// Free Features

Everest Backup Free Features

You will get all the free features in Free version of Everest Backup Plugin

  • Manual Backup
  • Automatic Scheduled Backup
  • Database Backup
  • WordPress Plugins and Themes Backup
  • Backup to Remote Cloud storage
  • Default Google Drive included
  • Website Migration and Cloning
  • Server to Server migration
  • Basic Email Reporting
  • Network / Multisite Support*
  • Download, Rollback, List and Delete Features
  • Delete Local Backup files after successfull remote cloud uploads
  • Custom Name tags for Backup Files
  • Restore from manual upload method
  • Rollback from Remote Clouds
  • Human Readable log file
  • Specific email option for log reporting
  • Custom Display tag Preferance
  • Auto remove Backup Files
  • One Click Google Drive Integration
  • Woocommerce Support
  • Upto 1 Gb uploads limits
WordPress Migration Plugin
WordPress Backup Plugin
// Pro Features

Everest Backup Premium Features

You will get all the Pro features in Premium version of EverestBackup Plugin

  • Unlimited uploads, Rollback file size
  • Advance Reporting
  • Flexible Automatic Schedule options
  • More Advanced auto-trigger backup features
  • AWS Amazon S3 Integration
  • Dropbox Integration
  • pCloud Integration
  • OneDrive Integration
  • BackBlaze Integration
  • Improved notifications system
  • Encrypt and Password Protect backup Files*
  • Auto backup on WordPress Core updates.
  • Auto backup on Theme updates.
  • Auto Backup on Plugin Updates.
  • Auto backup on Woo-commerce Orders
  • Differential Backup*
  • Unused Images Cleaner from Backup Files
  • One-Click Staging site*

Important Features in glance

Advance Reporting

Everest Backup Pro addons comes with Advanced Reporting features. You can get different types of notifications such as successfull backup notifications or unsuccessfull backup notifications in different emails. You can set different email address for different types of messages.

Flexible Automatic Schedule options

With Flexible Automatic Schedule Options you can set your schedule backup in more flexible way. For example you can set at Hourly and its not limited to hourly your can set on different hoirly combinations such as 1 hours difference , 2 hours difference etc. You can set as per your requirements.

More Advanced auto-trigger backup features

Have you encountered problems after updating your wordpress core update, plugins or theme updates ? To get control over this problem we have a advanced auto trigger backup feature. Just Enable this features your backup will runs automatically before any WordPress Core updates, Plugins updates or theme updates.

Cloud Integration (All Cloud options)

With the help of Cloud Integration features You can store your backup files to remote destinations. If any kind of disaster occurs to server, we can restore our entire website from the remote cloud destinations with just a single click. Right now we have addons for Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, pCloud, Backblaze and Amazon S3.

Improved notifications system

Improve notifications system is another necessary features which is also part of Everest Backup Pro addons. You can get recent updates of your schedule task on your WordPress Dashbords. This is a quick bird eye features that will inform you the status of your recent schedule backup process.

Woo-commerce Orders

If you have Woocommerce store then each of your Order is important for you. Enabling this features, there will be an automatic database backup process trigger on background on each successful wocommerce order. So that there will be 99.9 % chance to lost any database if any types of disaster happens in the future.

Unused Images Cleaner

Sometimes we don’t know but there might be a huge media files that is not used on our website. Even there might be so many image thumbnails on our website that might increase the size of your backup files. This features exclude such media and save a lot disk spaces.

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