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How to add Google Drive in the WordPress plugin – Everest Backup Plugin?

add google drive in the WordPress PluginEverest Backup Plugin

This documentation will guide you to add google drive in the WordPress plugin – Everest Backup Plugin.

We assume that you have already set your timezone in the WordPress website and then installed and activated our Everest Backup Plugin. If you haven’t installed and activated then go to Install Everest Backup Plugin.

Video Tutorial

Continue reading to add Google Drive to the WordPress Plugin on your website if you prefer written instructions.

There are many cloud addons but Google Drive is one of Everest Backup’s most popular cloud storage and Google’s prominent online repositories.

Add Google Drive in the WordPress Plugin – Everest Backup Plugin

Step 1: Open your WordPress website dashboard

Step 2: Go to Everest Backup Menu and click on Addons

Everest Backup Addons

Step 3: There you will see many cloud servers among them choose Google Drive.

Step 4: Hover into Google Drive and you will see install/active. Click that and wait for some time.

add google drive in the Everest Backup Plugin
Install and activate the Google Drive

Step 5: If it is not activated automatically then click on active and wait. Once it is activated, there you will see “active” written on the left side of the addon.

Activate the addon

For cloud settings, go to add addons in Everest Backup Plugin. Now, you can get the “Google Drive” option in “Save To” so that you can save your files directly on google drive and restore them directly.

Add google drive in the WordPress Plugin
Now you can directly backup files into Google Drive and restore them when needed

There you can see the “Google Drive” option in the “Save a copy to” section after clicking on the dropdown. That means, google drive is successfully added to your system and you can save your file directly on google drive. 

Likewise, you can add other Addons to your website, and the procedure to install those is the same as installing Google Drive.

Furthermore, you can backup your file, database, and others either in your local server or into google drive with a few simple steps. But as we said earlier, you better save your files on the cloud server.

Any errors??

During installing Google Drive Addon, if you get any kind of error message then send us an email at bug-report[at]wpeverestbackup. com with the screenshots of the error message, log file, and information about your system.  To get information on your system go to Everest Backup Plugin setting, select general, and then information.

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