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All you need to know- While Choosing The Best Cloud Hosting For Nepal?

best hosting company for Nepal

Oh, you are going to establish your own business. That’s great. Congratulations !!! Having a website for a company is one of the most important things to run the business smoothly. If you have one then that’s great but no, then you can contact N1Tech for help. Now you need to host the website and for that, you must choose the best cloud hosting for your website. Below I have listed some of the best cloud hosting for Nepal with their rating, cost, and website link.

S.N Name of Hosting Company Google Rating No. of reviews Trustpilot No. of reviews Cost for
one domain/year
1 Prabhu Host 4.8 103 4.8 78 Rs 2000
2 Himalayan Host 3.6 237 3.8 3 Rs 2022
3 Mero Cloud Host 4.7 13 0 0 Rs 2950
4 Babal Host 4.6 34 4.6 20 Rs 1499
5 EHostingServer 4.7 132 4.3 8 Rs 855.46
6 Web Host Nepal 4.5 56 4.7 41 Rs 1000
7 AGM Web Hosting 4.7 137 4.5 17 Rs 1599
8 Mercantile Communication 3.7 201 Contact Mercantile
9 HostingSewa 5.0 2 4.0 3 Rs 1300
10 CrazyHost Nepal 4.5 22 Contact CrazyHost
11 Protozoa Host 4.3 12 4.1 37 Rs 1196
12 Hosting in Nepal 5.0 12 4.1 5 Rs 1500
13 Webserver Nepal Pvt. Ltd 4.6 11 0 0 Contact Webserver
14 Best Web Hosting in Nepal- NEST NEPAL 3.7 3 4.8 35 Rs 1399 for single hosted domain
The best cloud hosting for Nepal with price details, google rating, no. of reviews and website

Apart from this, you will know how to choose the best cloud hosting for your website, factors to look at before buying cloud hosting for your website, and many more. Hope this article will help you to choose the best one for your business.

Instead of hosting your website or app on a single machine, the cloud allows you to spread your data across multiple, interconnected servers, located across a wide geographical area.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of website hosting that distributes data over multiple workstations rather than a single server. Users control their data via a “virtual machine” that connects to the cloud’s numerous servers. Because cloud hosting makes use of the computing power of multiple machines, you not only have far more potential than with traditional hosting, but you also have access to the services those machines provide.

To put it another way, the cloud is an electrical structure that allows data to be stored across several computers. The information is then disseminated via networks such as the internet. On the fly, you can access all of your data, applications, email, and software.

How does it work?

Virtualization is how cloud hosting works. It’s a method of dividing a physical server into several cloud servers. These are then linked together to form a single network for hosting a website. The underlying infrastructure of cloud hosting distinguishes it from regular web hosting. The latter often employs a centralized strategy, in which multiple sites are stored on a single server.

Why do you need the best cloud hosting for the best result

  • To address the ever-increasing hosting needs of clients.
  • For the rising business needs, we want to give simple solutions and a more sophisticated hosting environment.
  • Users that use cloud services require to compute resources to be available at all times, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Scaled up and down according to their requirements
  • Offered from various server locations so that if one server fails, other servers will act as a buffer and services will resume seamlessly.
  • To preserve the security of their data, it is devoted to them and not shared with other users.
  • Threats and vulnerabilities to security are eliminated.
  • Easily managed at a lower cost and on a pay-per-use basis
  • To overcome the drawbacks of traditional hosting, which I go over in detail below.

Why you should choose Cloud hosting over Traditional hosting

Cloud hosting provides a spectrum of benefits, including but not limited to:

Traditional Hosting vs Cloud Hosting Comparision table

Traditional HostingCloud Hosting
Traditional hosting refers to a service linked to internet hosting.The cloud storage is hosted on a large number of servers.
It is a fixed server or a single server.Many servers are functioning on the same platform.
Traditional hosting has lower scalability than cloud hosting.Cloud hosting’s scalability is simple.
Traditional hosting is based on the package we select, and we receive services by that selection.The cost of cloud hosting is determined by how much you use it.
Traditional hosting has a low level of reliability.In Cloud Hosting, we may easily move servers if one becomes unreliable.
The companies that provide this service provide their computers on which the data from the websites might be stored.It is well-known for having a virtual and dynamic scalable infrastructure that is demand-dependent.

Increased Server Uptime

The performance of your website is directly proportional to the uptime of your server. The best cloud hosting ensures maximum network availability and eliminates single points of failure. If one of the servers in the cluster goes down or is unable to handle your request, another server in the cluster takes over by default, ensuring that everything continues to work smoothly. Traditional hosting, on the other hand, could result in extended downtime for your applications and website if your single server goes down or fails.

Pay for the resources as per your needs

With the best cloud hosting model, you don’t have to worry about capital expenses because you don’t have to invest in any infrastructure, and your operating expenses are also lower because you only have to pay for the resources/services you use. In the traditional hosting approach, you must pay a certain fee for the services whether or not you use them.

Increased security

In traditional hosting, you share the assets and central processor needs with different sites on a similar server or keep a private devoted server to get delicate data which costs excessively high. Cloud hosting accompanies the security of your information at different levels: organization, information, application, and actual security. Cloud administration guarantees information wellbeing through the client’s personality, the executives, legitimate information detachment and capacity isolation, secure, and encoded arrangements, firewalls, and reinforcement recuperations.

Scalability of resources

Cloud hosting makes it easy to instantly allocate resources to the needs of an evolving website. Cloud hosting settings allow websites and accounts to add or reduce resources such as bandwidth, storage, and RAM from resource banks managed by a network of multiple servers. Traditional hosting setup physical machines, on the other hand, have limited resources and strict specifications. Therefore, resources on the server cannot be started immediately when needed.

Independence of location

Traditional web website hosting servers are constrained to a set vicinity and thus, you want to be particular at the same time as selecting your server because the region of the server performs a notable position within the loading pace of a website. Whereas cloud web website hosting servers are a gift throughout the world. They are reachable globally through a web connection and with any device-PC or mobile.

Increased Group collaboration

Cloud computing permits getting the right of entry everywhere on the go. Employees of a business enterprise can paint identical files or even percentage applications, no matter the region in which they paint.

Backup and disaster recovery

Cloud hosting provides disaster recovery capabilities because the data is automatically backed up to the connected server. Traditional hosting does not provide disaster recovery because there is only one server that hosts data and applications. You are responsible for backing up your data.

Latest technology

Cloud hosting uses the latest technology. This allows you to customize and integrate software applications according to your company’s needs and preferences. This may include upgrades to servers, the latest versions of software, and computer processing power. With traditional hosting, you cannot upgrade and customize automatically.

Environment friendly

Cloud servers are utilized up to full capacity which minimizes idle time and saves energy for both the company and the environment. Cloud hosting eliminates the need of maintaining in-house servers, reducing carbon emissions. 


The site hosted in a cloud environment performs far better than that hosted on a traditional server setup. For those who require speed of loading pages, flexible, and immediate resource allocation, disaster recovery plans, energy-saving, climate-friendly server setup, and above all, more in fewer prices, the cloud is a perfect solution for them.

while choosing the best cloud hosting, consider these factors

Factors to consider before choosing the best cloud hosting for Nepal

Infrastructure Design

1. Data Center Setup:

Data centres must be installed at otherwise placed sites. In everyday conditions, it permits you to utilize offerings from the nearest statistics middle, which permits a least-latency community. In case of any disturbance with the statistics facilities because of specific motives including hurricanes, the separately-placed statistics middle will permit continuity of the offerings. So, it’s far important to recognize how robust and dependable the statistics middle community of the cloud provider company is.

2. High-Performance Computing(HPC):

Modern-day operations don`t permit the posh of waiting. When you’re operating with more than one customer, who might be your body of workers and customers, you do not need to stand overall performance problems. That is wherein High-Performance Computing(HPC) servers come into want. It empowers effective and real-time overall performance despite heavy programs and more than one customer operating concurrently at the identical server. So, ensure that the cloud company you pick out, deploys HPC servers withinside the cloud structure to make certain the greatest overall performance.

3. Multi-Layer Security:

When it involves protection, you can not manage to pay for compromise. A dependable cloud provider company needs to be capable of controlling safety in any respect of 3 layers: host, community, and bodily setup. You must take a look at whether or not superior protection functions include multi-issue authentication, Intrusion Detection, and Prevention systems (IDS & IPS), statistics encryption, access manipulation of the system, and enterprise-grade firewalls are a part of the cloud provider company’s protection techniques.


Almost each provider company gives a statistics backup facility. However, as much as what volume or how fast is the backing up system performs a vital position in supporting you pick out the cloud provider company. There isn’t any factor in place for a backup facility that isn’t always at the least backing up the statistics each day. Most of the main provider carriers, including ACE Cloud Hosting, provide backup for forty-five days. They must have the custom choice to expand this period in your request. Moreover, the safety of the backup system and a way to repair it while wished are different questions which you must ask them.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery indicates the service provider’s ability Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery shows the provider company’s capacity to reinstate the web website hosting provider after disruption because of any form of disruptive occasion including a herbal disaster. The CSP must be capable of picking out the varieties of dangers that could impede the enterprise system and outlining techniques to mitigate them.

Replication of statistics at diverse factors and redundancy of infrastructure at diverse ranges are a few different elements that replicate the BCDR requirements of the carriers. It is an important function of any cloud web website hosting provider, and also you must now no longer anticipate any unique costs for it.


Uptime assurance suggests the period of provider a cloud company ensures to deliver. Some disruption inside the offerings, which might be precipitated because of enhancements and maintenance, is acceptable. Uptime is counted in percent at the annual durations. The main cloud provider carriers assure 99.999% uptime, which might imply downtime of fewer than 6 mins withinside the year. You must pick out a CSP that gives excessive uptime to make certain which you get admission to for your enterprise system in any respect times.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Level Agreement is a documented listing of provider requirements, terms, and conditions, This record additionally defines how the web website hosting company will atone for any failure to serve as much as the described requirements. For the custom cloud solutions, you may even request the provider company to outline a different SLA. It is usually recommended that you compare the SLA very well earlier than you decide to go along with the cloud web website hosting company.


The involvement of IT problems makes guide availability important attention in selecting a web website hosting company. Some of the web website hosting carriers provide guides restrained to a positive quantity of times and for the duration of operating hours. However, in case you anticipate yourself, your body of workers, or customers to paintings on weekends or holidays, then choose a web website hosting company that gives limitless 24*7 guide that consists of weekends and holidays. The guide transport medium supplied is likewise important. Where do you need them to be available – telecall smartphone call, chat, or email?


Eventually, the whole lot comes right down to pricing. Although a CSP presenting provider at a low price appears tempting, it can now no longer provide you with the greatest degree of offerings. However, it does now no longer imply that the maximum pricey cloud company is exceptional. The exceptional you may do approximately the fee battle is – to examine all of them, do not hesitate in bargaining, or even ask for unique reductions and gives.

Moreover, the pricing plans supplied through the CSP must be bendy to comprise all of the offerings you want withinside the preferred fee range. Also, take a look at the refund coverage or loose trial gives if you do now no longer just like the offerings. It allows opting out of the offerings effortlessly with no commitment.

Private Server

A personal server is a period used for a server that gives you committed assets without interruption from different customers. Some corporations require a personal server as their enterprise system entails noticeably exclusive statistics or calls for excessive-overall performance processing.

Your web website hosting necessities are specific in specific ways – the apps which you want, the number of customers you need to paint with, or the assets that your app calls for. To reap the greatest overall performance with those specific needs, go along with the web website hosting company that could provide a personal server or, in different words, pick out the provider company that grants custom cloud solutions.

Help in Transition to Cloud

You can be operating at the computing device model or trying to transfer from one web website hosting company to another. In any case, the assistance that your new cloud web website hosting company gives is of vital value. Migration of statistics and setup of the programs in the cloud are a number of the offerings that your web website hosting company must be capable of providing with no extra costs.

Without the assistance of a cloud company, you’ll be stranded and could set up a group of your very own for migration and setup, inflicting inconvenience.

Best cloud hosting in Nepal

Some of the best cloud hosting for Nepal

Prabhu Host:


Prabhu Host is the quickest and the best cloud hosting service provider in Nepal beginning around 2018 AD. Consistently they put their energy, commitment, and mastery into dealing with the clients’ sites. Use the force of public cloud stages to have the sites for speed, scale, and dependability.

Nepal’s #1 VPS facilitating supplier with 100 percent SSD for documents/envelopes and information bases guaranteeing super-quick execution for your site. Our VPS waiters are quick, stable, and adaptable with root admittance to have your site or send your application. Every one of the advantages of Cloud servers with our administration, stage, and backing on top.

Why Prabhu Host?

  • SSD storage: Blazing fast solid-state drives to boost performance by 20 times.
  • Easy upgrade: Upgrade your server’s resources at any time in just a few clicks.
  • Full Root Access: Provide full root access to customize your VPS Server to fulfil your business needs.
  • Latest PHP and MySQL: Latest and stable version of PHP and MySQL is installed on servers.
  • Regular Backups: Additional backup can be added to the plan.
  • Free Website Migration: There is no additional cost for website migration or management.
  • Free 24/7 support: Every issue is dealt with immediately day or night.
  • Affordable: Most affordable so small budget projects also can be used.

Himalayan Host

Himalayan host

Since its foundation in 2007 under the demonstration of the Nepal Government, Himalayan Host Pvt. Ltd. has been driving the country’s most mind-boggling Web hosting Projects easily. They have been executing their administrations that esteem consumer loyalty. With the utilization of the most recent innovations and unfathomable proficiencies, the organization comments on amazing diagrams that convey flying outcomes.

Why Himalayan Host?

  • Rich Unlimited SSD web hosting
  • 99.9%+ uptime and backed by professional Local support.
  • Litespeed Powered High-Performance cPanel Hosting with Free SSL Certificate
  • Free DDoS protection
  • SpamExperts Protection
  • Apps and CMS(WordPress)
  • FREE R1Soft Daily Backups – One Account
  • No Limits. No Contacts Just Fast Cloud Unlimited Web Hosting with cPanel Control Panel and Premium SSD
  • Leverage the power of public clouds to provide security and reliability at the most affordable prices in Nepal, with no capital overhead.

Mero Cloud Host

Mero Cloud

MeroCloud Host is the least expensive web hosting a specialist co-op in Nepal and offers the best cloud hosting and area enrollment at an entirely reasonable cost. Mero Cloud Host gives driving cPanel cloud hosting. It gives the best cloud hosting from driving cloud suppliers. Progressive made due, non-over-burden, and upgraded cloud hosting in Nepal at the exceptionally least expensive cost. Ideal for each site from a basic WordPress blog to a complex Online business site. Day-by-day malware checking, mechanized piece fixing, and two times every day offsite reinforcements will keep your site information got and bother-free.

Why Mero Cloud Host?

  • 100% Support: Provides 24/7 fast and knowledgeable support via support ticket
  • Fully Optimized server: Host website on the cloud with modern hardware with superior performance and 100% SSD storage
  • Customer Satisfaction: The best web hosting provider in Nepal and never disappoint the customer.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: If the customer is not completely satisfied, without any question full refund.
  • No hidden fees or price increases: You pay what you see on the website and No unexpected or sudden price increases like others do.

Babal Host

babal host

With long periods of involvement with the web hosting, the Babal has are set in a method for scaling from the very first moment with their effective working practice. To achieve consumer loyalty, they have added a programmed framework to deal with even the convoluted work which different suppliers do manually. Forswearing of administration assaults, malware following, fixing, and arrangement of new servers is a portion of the exercises that the programmed interaction and progressed programming are generally ready to deal with.

Babal isn’t simply one more expansion to a considerable rundown of web hosting suppliers. Burning through a tremendous lump of cash on setting up the server farm wasn’t a response to the current issue. Doing such would just add one more supplier to the all-around not insignificant rundown of web hosting suppliers which wasn’t their goal.

Why Babal Host?

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Unlimited SSD & Bandwidth
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Off-site backup
  • Imunify360 Security
  • Support 24x7x365
  • Free WHM & cPanel
  • WordPress Optimized



Beginning around 2010, EHostingServer has been giving the most ideal web facilitating administration at the least expensive cost. Get everything rolling with our superior exhibition web hosting. EHostingServer gives you a waver-free least expensive web hosting administration oversaw from Nepal with 24×7 help. They give hosting answers for each site, regardless of whether it’s your blog, news site, or Web-based business.

Why EHostingServer?

  • True Cloud Provider: Build cloud server on top cloud providers like Google, AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode, or Hetzner. 
  • Managed by hosting Server: Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Reseller Hosting are fully managed by the hosting server team so you don’t need technical knowledge to host your website.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Not satisfied with the web hosting service then you can claim for 100% refund for web hosting within 7 days
  • 100% SSD: All the web hosting plan comes with 100% pure SSD to optimize your web hosting service. 
  • Spam Protection: Spam protection on all shared web hosting plans and also use Immunity security plugin to scan real-time threats. 
  • Free Backups: The web hosting plan comes with a free weekly backup included. With Jetbackup you can restore your backup via the cPanel interface with one click. 
  • Free Migration: The support team will help to migrate cPanel based web hosting.

Web Host Nepal


Web Host Nepal is one of the most amazing and the best cloud hosting for Nepal. It offers types of assistance like spaces, web hosting, Shoutcast, affiliate, cloud hosting, VPS, and some more. WebHost Nepal is a main Ceph-based capacity framework that stores your site information across 3 particular gadgets to guarantee overt repetitiveness and wellbeing.

Cloud hosting of Web Host Nepal deals with your site and related administrations like Email and sub-areas no sweat of cPanel. With Web Host Nepal, you don’t have to move your hosting as your traffic develops. Increase your assets at the snap of a button – in a split second add Slam and computer processor without a reboot.

Why Web Host Nepal?

  • Technical experts
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Great Prices
  • Recognized Quality
  • 24/7 customer support

AGM Web Hosting


AGM Web Hosting group is well versed in giving inimitable area and web hosting administrations in Nepal for the past countless years, they realize how consolidating advanced information with development can assist with tackling issues and get the best out of all. It’s a superior client care experience that keeps the clients steadfast and business.

Generally endeavouring in making raving clients, there are a couple of points of interest in AGM Web Hosting which add a slight wind to the outstanding help insight. Their main goal is to upgrade business development with clever fixes in the Plan and Improvement Field and to give a reliable upper hand to their clients making their life less troublesome.

Why AGM Web Hosting?

  • Availability: Customer support has always remained the top priority. You can contact us via phone, Live Chat, email and ticket, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 
  • Affordability: You can avail attractive low-priced domain registration in Nepal. Along with domain registration, they offer web hosting solutions at a very reasonable price with many value-added features. 
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Try our standard web hosting services for 30 days without any questions asked. If for any reason you are not satisfied or we fail to cater for your requirements, you may request a 100% refund in the meantime within 30 days of initial purchase. 
  • Value-added features: They offer not just hosting solutions rather value to the customer but also provide attractive features with all the hosting solutions. 
  • Coupons and Special Deals: Understand that customers love getting discounts. Sp for every special occasion, they come up with good deals for the customer to help save some big money.
  • Customer support: The live chat support is not only based in Nepal. The customers can also avail themselves of India and US-based support.  

Mercantile Communication


Mercantile has been at the front of Web advancement and is a state-of-the-art Network access supplier (ISP) in Nepal. Mercantile spearheaded the idea of giving Network access in Nepal when the prominence of the Web was simply starting in the US of America. 

With 16 years of involvement with the web hosting industry in Nepal, Mercantile communications ensure total consumer loyalty and give quality and reasonable Web hosting Arrangements from Nepal. Mercantile not just gives highlight rich and versatile and adaptable hosting arrangements you can likewise decide to have your site on their waiter situated in Nepal or US-based waiters or you can choose to have your site on both the servicers.

Why Mercantile Communication?

  • Offer Quality Web Hosting Nepal at the most affordable prices
  • The hosting Support System has a response time of less than one hour on working days
  • One of the Best Web Hosting Administrators in the hosting industry
  • Web Hosting Technology ensure a quality and reliable hosting experience


host sewa

HostingSewa is one of the greatest webs in Nepal, established in 2015 by a software engineer and designer. HostingSewa gives unrivalled web hosting administrations in Nepal. HostingSewa gives Shared, Committed, VPS, Cloud, and custom hosting plans for organizations.

With the neighbourhood support, they have laid out HostingSewa as the best driving web hosting specialist organization in Nepal and give telephone support in India and Australia. HostingSewa has an assortment of hosting bundles at a sensible cost.

Why HostingSewa?

  • Provides you with the proper support and offers the best Website hosting in Nepal
  • You will get various kinds of web hosting services
  • With ultra-modern servers and optical cables, your data will be transferred to the end-user in milliseconds
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Constant Backups
  • GIT/SVN support
  • 280+ install scripts

CrazyHost Nepal


The main Web hosting organization in Nepal starting around 2012, CrayHost Nepal gives the best Web hosting in Nepal with Shared hosting, Affiliate hosting, SSD hosting, Limitless Best Cloud hosting, Windows hosting, Python Django hosting, NodeJs hosting, Virtual Private Servers VPS, Devoted Server, Business Email hosting, Premium SSL Testaments, Area Enrollment, and a lot more solutions.

CrazyHost Nepal is the significant item brand of E-PRIMA Innovation Pvt. Ltd. which is a trailblazer Data Innovation organization in Nepal with administrations: Mass SMS Arrangement, Web hosting Arrangement, Programming Advancement, Web application Improvement, Versatile Application Advancement, and Page design.

Why CrazyHost Nepal?

  • They have passion for what they do
  • Listen to your feedback
  • Provide a high level of support
  • Focus on the quality of services
  • Have lots of tutorials on how to get your website up and running
  • Do not oversell web hosting services

Protozoa Host


Beginning around 2019, Protozoa Host is serving the best facilitating administration in Nepal. Regardless of whether you are searching for an individual site facilitating plan or a business site facilitating plan, Protozoa is the ideal answer for you. Their strong site facilitating administrations won’t just assist you with accomplishing your general site objectives yet will likewise furnish you with the certainty you want in realizing that you are banded together with a solid and secure site facilitating stage.

Why Protozoa Host?

  • Best webhosting provider
  • Cheapest domains, names
  • Fast support, team
  • Hundreds of happy clients
  • Imunify 360
  • Daily Backup
  • WHM/cPanel – Unlimited Hosting in Nepal

yoho is a brand of Prabhu Delicate Private Restricted facilitating brand exclusive and worked in Nepal. They currently give one of Nepal’s quickest developing facilitating stages intended for the Asian market. Yoho is lawfully enrolled on Organization Register, Inland Income Office, and Nearby Ward. Yoho likes the worth of a blissful client and endeavours to bring our clients the best help, worth, and experience of individual and business facilitating.

Why Yoho?

  • No hidden charges
  • Global locations
  • Fully automated setup
  • Friendly, knowledgeable support
  • No sales commission
  • 24/7 live chat and phone support

Webserver Nepal Pvt.Ltd

Webserver Nepal

Webserver Nepal was established in September 2005. After working under the name for a considerable length of time, they concluded they required a lot simpler name to mark – Webserver Nepal was conceived. Webserver Nepal as of now has gear situated in elite server farms all around the US. In 2005 they sent off their most current site alongside many new elements that work on quality as well as empower the clients to exploit their site.

The essential mission is to offer the greatest support at the most reasonable value conceivable. Webserver Nepal trusts that, other than uptime, specialized help is the main part of a cloud facilitating organization, and with regards to specialized help, they take a stab at the most extreme flawlessness. The help group will react to your help tickets in less than 60 minutes, ordinarily inside the initial 30 minutes. Webserver Nepal likewise accepts that the better assistance we give, the higher opportunity the clients will allude to new clients.

Why Webserver Nepal?

  • With over 15 years of experience, they know exactly what they are doing
  • Superior hosting uptime
  • Hosting plans were designed with affordability in mind
  • Technical support is the highest priority
  • High-end servers, low number of customers per server, and 50% less fat

Best Web Hosting in Nepal – NEST NEPAL


Back in 2017, the NEST NEPAL group attempted to discover the best web facilitating organization in Nepal. So they took facilitating from each conceivable organization. After involving each facilitating for close to 12 months, Home discovers they are missing countless things that genuinely should be fixed. In the wake of social events, numerous specialists in this space NEST Nepal sent off it effectively. Presently they are an enlisted web facilitating organization in Nepal with 100 percent client fulfilment.

Why Nest Nepal?

The wide selection of web hosting services will cater to your hosting needs whether you’re making a small, simple, or high-powered, high-traffic website. The main goal is to provide the best technology available with exceptional customer support.

Final Thought

We tried to list the best cloud hosting for Nepal with their features. Apart from these also there are many best cloud hosting companies that might meet your requirement. Now it’s your time to look at the features of the best cloud hosting and choose the one.

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